Est. 2024

BAR & RESTAURANT Birdsnest – Ngon

At Birdnest - Ngon, your destination for exceptional East Fusion cuisine in the heart of Berlin. Our dishes, inspired by the diverse flavors of Vietnam, are artfully prepared and presented with the highest quality to provide you with an unparalleled taste experience. Each dish in our menu is a symphony of flavors and aesthetics, carefully created to capture the essence of Vietnamese cuisine and blend it with modern, international influences. Our cocktails, handcrafted by master bartenders, are perfectly balanced to complement the flavors of our dishes and complete your culinary indulgence.

At Birdnest - Ngon, we are committed to creating an atmosphere where every meal is an experience that touches both the palate and the soul. Visit us and experience how we transform the art of Vietnamese cuisine into a mesmerizing fusion food journey.

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Duftgarten der Sinne
Walk of Fame

Our "Walk of Fame" is a fragrance garden for the senses. Harmoniously embedded in the architecture of the room and yet the very first eye-catcher, it shines to new life between shelves of nature's treasures. Here we proudly present 12 unique fragrances, carefully selected to inspire a culinary journey. Each fragrance is accompanied by a masterful drink that captures the essence of the scent. As well as an exquisite dish that perfectly complements the aromas. Guests should immerse themselves in the world of fragrances, forget everyday life and embark on a journey of discovery that will enchant their senses and bring their taste journey to life.

Our bar menu is a work of art inspired by our host Arnd Heissen's passion for the spiritual and the magical. Dreamy drinks, fascinating flavors and masterful bartending will amaze our guests and take them into an exciting and colorful world of comfort.
and whisk you away to an excitingly colorful world of comfort.

Reserve your table now at Birdnest - Ngon and experience an incomparable fusion of Vietnamese cuisine and creative drinks with a breathtaking atmosphere in the heart of Berlin.


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